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Avalon Aliso Viejo

The Commons at Aliso Viejo totals 25 acres and is situated on a mixed-use site and adjacent to the State Route 73 Toll Road. In a prime gateway location, the next phase of The Commons includes plans to create a residential community in the heart of the city and across the neighboring Town Center for Aliso Viejo residents to live, work and play.

Update! We've heard from the community. See how we've responded to your feedback.


The Project

Located in the heart of Aliso Viejo, the Avalon Aliso Viejo is a vibrant mixed-use community that will include:

343 Apartment Homes
Unit mix will range from studios to 3-bedrooms
10% Affordable Housing
Community-serving retail space
Pedestrian-oriented walkways
Sustainable landscaping

Project Site

Avalon Aliso Viejo Site Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about Avalon Aliso Viejo? Learn more with our FAQs!

Avalon Aliso Viejo is a proposed mixed-use community that will include 343 apartment units and 17,273 SF of ground-floor retail space.

Avalon Aliso Viejo is located within the existing Commons shopping center at the intersection of Enterprise and Town Center. The project will utilize the excess parking that currently exists which has always been planned for development.

AvalonBay Communities is the developer. AvalonBay is a national apartment real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on investing in leading metropolitan areas in California, the Pacific Northwest, and the east coast. Its Southern California operations are headquartered in Irvine. In Orange County, it has projects and communities located in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Huntington Beach, Brea, and Irvine just to name a few. As a leader and champion of apartment home building, AvalonBay provides distinctive living experiences that contribute to the vitality of local communities. The Avalon communities includes modern spaces to enhance the lifestyle of residents by providing the perfect work from home space, amenities, and open spaces to create a home feel.

No, we are in the beginning stages of the entitlement process.

The inclusion of residential units in the Commons at Aliso Viejo Town Center is intended to help the city of Aliso Viejo address its state housing needs while also creating more foot traffic in the city’s core and fostering a pedestrian-friendly environment. With the city’s own vision for the Town Center, AvalonBay wants to ensure the Commons is part of the growth to bring more life to this area and foster a greater sense of community on an otherwise empty lot.

Units will range from studios to 3-bedrooms, with sizes ranging from approximately 612 sf to 1,444 sf.

Avalon Aliso Viejo will provide 10% affordable housing or a total of 34 units at the moderate-, low-, and very-low income levels.

Aliso Viejo needs to complete 1,195 units by 2029 per California’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) requirements. Avalon Aliso Viejo is helping to ensure the city meets these requirements to be in compliance with the state. Per the city’s website, to view the needs allocation by each category please click here.

Taking into account surrounding neighbors, the project team carefully crafted a project with uninterrupted views of the surrounding area and mountains beyond. The view driving down Enterprise steps down to 5 stories at the property entrance and the hillside will have a full array of landscape to screen the hillside.

TCA Architects is the lead designer of Avalon Aliso Viejo. Founded in 1993, TCA specializes in architectural and interior design of mixed-use, multifamily housing, and signature hospitality environments. TCA currently has 4 studios in downtown Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, and Honolulu.

TCA Architects found the Aliso and Wood Canyons and retail center refresh inspired the team to explore design ideas to mimic the surrounding area of Aliso Viejo.

The building tucks into the hillside to the southwest, which will significantly reduce the visual impact from the surrounding neighborhoods. Selected materials used will serve as a visual counterpart to the adjacent retail building, and will draw from the site’s natural surroundings, including stucco in natural cream, tan, and gray colors, compositive siding, perforated metal panels, and glass.

TCA Architects has designed buildings across Orange County, such as Bella Terra in Huntington Beach, a mixed-use project, and Placentia Veterans Village, apartment homes for disabled veterans. For a complete list of TCA projects please visit their website at www.tca-arch.com

Avalon Aliso Viejo is early in the process and no lease agreements have been signed. The goal is to bring community-serving retail tenants that benefit all residents of Aliso Viejo. The project’s location is in the center of Aliso Viejo, which makes it a highly desirable site.

Avalon Aliso Viejo residents will park in an 8-level, 590-stall parking structure with one level of subterranean parking to ensure that the existing surface lot spaces will be reserved solely for visitors to the commercial and retail space. The structure will be accessible through the combined ingress and egress along the eastern side near the Enterprise entrance to the Commons on the main driveway off Town Center. No overnight parking is allowed on the retail surface parking lot.

The community will be able to enjoy community-serving retail that will make their daily lives easier to stay within city boundaries. The project will bring opportunity for the downtown core of Aliso Viejo to have a new sense of community, walkable pedestrian experience, enhanced landscape, and streetscape.

AvalonBay has worked with ValueRock, the owners of the adjacent retail center, on a comprehensive design to complement the renovated retail center. The color schemes to match the Aliso Wood Canyons and landscape will create a cohesive retail and living experience.

Introducing a residential community to the shopping center will bring a new level of foot traffic, and Avalon Aliso Viejo will have security on site to ensure all safety measures are met.

Avalon Aliso Viejo has conducted a comprehensive traffic study for the city’s review. The study used Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) methodology to study transportation and traffic impacts. Avalon Aliso Viejo is committed to addressing transportation concerns in the area.

Avalon Aliso Viejo has submitted initial technical studies such as utilities, traffic, noise, and traffic. Ultimately, the City will prepare the environmental review.

Avalon Aliso Viejo is targeting to break ground in 2025 with a two-year construction timeline to complete the project in late 2027. That timeline is dependent on the city review and schedule.

To stay informed or be in contact with the project team, please sign up on our website or email info@avalonalisoviejo.com to set up a meeting.

The Team

AvalonBay Commmunities

AvalonBay Communities, Inc., has been at the forefront of developing residential and mixed-use environments across the United States. AvalonBay has the expertise of developing residential communities built to last by generating growth through a culture of collaboration. AvalonBay is committed to investing in communities that showcase a vibrant quality of life to inspire its residents to prosper together.

ValueRock Realty

With over 30-years of experience, ValueRock Realty is one of the nation’s leading real estate investment and operating companies. ValueRock became an owner of The Commons in 2013 and always envisioned bringing a mixed-use community to the center. In 2022, ValueRock partnered with AvalonBay to bring their vision to fruition.

TCA Architects

TCA Architects is lead designer of Aliso Viejo Commons. Inspired by cultural narrative and evolutionary design, TCA Architects are dedicated to creating experiences that champion community and promote forward thinking change. TCA Architects have an extensive portfolio across California by approaching every project with intelligence and heart.

C2 Collaborative

C2 Collaborative is an Orange County-based landscape architect that collaborates with clients and the design team to create a seamless design solution that compliments the built environment. C2 and TCA worked together to bring a masterful concept to the Avalon Aliso Viejo that is parallel to the habitat that surrounds Aliso Viejo.

News & Updates

Response to Community Feedback

The Commons at Aliso Viejo redevelopment team has continued conversations with residents and various community groups in Aliso Viejo.

We heard feedback regarding parking and the need for more retail uses in the center. To increase our onsite parking, we have decreased the unit count from 362 to 343 and added an additional 47 parking spaces in the structure. Now, all residents and guests will now be able to park within the 590-stall parking structure, and retail visitors will have access to the existing surface parking lot.

To activate the ground-floor retail the project will now include an additional 10,000+ SF of retail. Our intention behind adding more retail uses is to bring additional services to the city of Aliso Viejo for its residents and visitors in addition to improving the accessibility of the area for pedestrians.

The project team looks forward to continuing conversations and working with the residents and stakeholders in Aliso Viejo. To set a meeting with the project team, please fill out the form below.

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Your vision is important to the future of this project. Please share your thoughts or set up a conversation with us at info@avalonalisoviejo.com